Oops! I Made a Mistake

by The Bright Siders

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THE BRIGHT SIDERS is a new musical collaboration between creative child psychiatrist KARI GROFF and award-winning songwriter KRISTIN ANDREASSEN. Our songs and skits address issues kids face growing up using humor, sensitivity, and positive thinking.

"Oops!" is our second release. Read on for some tips from Dr. Groff about how to talk with your kids about this important issue.



Already we are up against a society of perfectionism when it comes to raising kids. Many of us feel pressure to be perfect parents and it is likely our kids might feel pressure to be perfect kids.

The Bright Siders think it's important to let kids know that making mistakes is a natural part of growing up. The key to getting through making a mistake is developing a good attitude about it.

So…what happens when your child makes a mistake and becomes fixated on it?

Listen to the “Oops!” skit with your child. Ask your child what happens to Aaron at school that day. See if he or she can recap the skit in his own words. Then listen to the song and pay close attention to the words. They will help in answering the following questions:

1. What could we tell Aaron to help him get over making a mistake? How do you use the Bright Siders power of thinking positively to get through making a mistake? (Give your child an example of a time that you made a mistake and the way you were able to move past it).

2. What sort of thoughts can you tell your child to help him or her let go of making a mistake and maybe even giving it another try? (Hint: Listen to the song!) A helpful image for children is to visualize is to imagine taking the “Oops! thought” out of their head, putting the mistake on a shelf or in a box, shutting the lid, and replacing the thought or image with something very hopeful or funny.

3. At first, the other kids laugh at him when he makes the mistake. If someone makes a mistake, how can help that person? (Hint- maybe laugh with him and not at him!) Using humor with kids is an effective way to lighten the mood and realize that most mistakes are just “no big deal”.

What comments or ideas do you have to share on this topic? We'd love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter @TheBrightSiders.

We hope you enjoyed the music,
Kari & Kristin



released November 24, 2013

"Oops! I Made a Mistake" was written by Kari Groff.

The "Oops!" Song Features: Aaron Jonah Lewis (vocals & guitar), Noam Pikelny (electric guitar), Rob Hecht (fiddle), Jared Engel (bass), David Moore (piano), Zara Bode (background vocals) & Charlie Shaw (drums). The "Oops!" Skit Features the Voices of Aaron Jonah Lewis, Jim Groff, David Stone, Hilary Hawke, Kristin Andreassen & Kari Groff, with David Moore on piano.

Produced by Kristin Andreassen. Recorded at The Bunker Studio. Mixed by Alejandro Venguer. Mastered by Oscar Zambrano.

Artwork by Jane Archer | www.psbella.com



all rights reserved


The Bright Siders Brooklyn, New York

Empowering music for kids. Created by Dr. Kari Groff & Kristin Andreassen. New downloads and conversation-starters announced on Twitter @TheBrightSiders.

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